welcome to golden gates 900 improved

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Me and My Wife we had our wedding celebration and guests at Golden Gates Restaurant. This is one of a kind memory and I honestly want to thank all managers and entire staff for such a great time. We had incredible menu, giant cake, excellent drinks and amazing music! All tables were filled with most magnificent and delicious meals that I have ever seen. All of my guests were met with respect and care by Golden Gates staff. I highly appreciate this place and would highly recommend you to consider them for your wedding.
I am definitely taking all my friends here next time for New Years Eve. This restaurant is sooo incredible and interior is luxury. I really like DJ here and all their shows. I would highly recommend everyone to come and celebrate any holiday at Golden Gates Restaurant.
Golden Gates Restaurant / Club is a perfect place to have fun. Have you seen their shows? OMG! Awesome! Go to one of their events and you won't regret it. Last year Halloween Party was soo incredible. It will remain unforgettable experience for me and my friends.


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